RECURSION / from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo.

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Written and Directed by: Zhestkov
CG / Sound design…… : Zhestkov

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Stoner vs de Puniet

French GP Le Mans 2011. Morning Warm Up. 

Casey Stoner is on a fast lap when he approaches on a daydreaming Frenchman on the racing line. Swerving to avoid Randolph de Puny, the Honda rider finds the Ducati all of a sudden moving in front of him again. Incensed at such a dangerous move, Stoner gives Le Poseur Francais a little punch on the arm.

For his trouble the Aussie is fined $5000

Stoner vs de Puniet - Car Videos on StreetFire

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A mix of old and new. Tron mashup with Daft Punk

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Eurosport | Branding Montage from Les Telecreateurs on Vimeo.

Fantastic #VFX #Design and #MotionGraphics in new Eurosport branding identity package by Telecreateurs (via @fubiz )

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Changethethought™ | Supernova - Siggi Eggertsson

I kinda like this slightly embossed, rounded-pixel, faux-8bit effect on this motion design piece. Need to try this on something

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